Hiring a Magnolia Heart Babysitter is a simple, hassle free process!

  • Become a member to receive access to our database of Magnolia Babysitters!
  • Review Babysitter profiles in your area, searching for specific skills or qualifications
  • Contact Babysitter candidates to schedule phone interviews before making your decision (must have an authorized membership account with magnoliaheartbabysitters.com)
  • Relax knowing a fully screened babysitter will entertain and care for your children while you are away from home!


What makes MagnoliaHeartBabysitters.com different from other sitter sites?

  • Unlike other sitter sites, you don’t have to pay to run background checks on individual babysitters. We do all the work for you!
  • Magnolia Heart Babysitters are only allowed to upload a Babysitter profile if they meet the strict standards of becoming a Magnolia Heart Babysitter:
    • All babysitters must undergo a complete screening, including professional criminal background checks, sex offender registry checks, and child abuse registry checks.
    • Every Magnolia Heart Babysitter must maintain Infant/Child CPR and First Aid certifications and complete annual babysitter safety training.
    • We also personally interview applicants (in person or via video conferencing) – and conduct babysitter training. They are not allowed to create a free profile.
  • Magnolia Heart Babysitters come prepared with their Magnolia Kiddie Kits (craft supplies, books, games, activities), ready to play and interact with children of all ages.
  • We also have babysitters who are special needs awareness trained and have experience or training for various disabilities and developmental delays. Our goal is to connect you with a babysitter who is ready and able to meet any specific needs of your children.
  • Magnolia Heart’s Babysitter Line is available if there are any problems with your booking.
  • Annual membership gives you unlimited access to our database of fully screened, professional babysitters dedicated to the care of your children.